Sports injuries are unexpected and at times life changing.  A lot of athletes we get to see in our Mississauga, ON sports rehab clinic have faulty movement patterns that have not been corrected or re-educated to promote proper function since childhood.  In most cases, when athletes resort to stretching and doing other forms of modalities to help correct tightness and pain, the results don’t usually last that long or are just a temporary fix.

Movement is learned over time and is integrated with repetition through the Central Nervous System (Brain and Spinal cord). This process starts from childhood to adulthood and you can either create good motor patterns or habits, or flawed ones.  The shoulder is a unique and complex area of the body that is connected to the spine via the clavicle (collar bone).  Proper spinal motion and mobility is key to fixing any shoulder pain and dysfunction.  We will talk more about the importance of the spine in relation to shoulder function in our next blog.

During our shoulder series, we will talk about the following in the coming months:

1) Spinal and shoulder connections.
2) Shoulder anatomy
3) Common Injuries – sport specific and movement specific
4) Performance –  tips/exercises to help you create proper function and efficiency
5) Prevention – in-season and off-season.

The way we are designed as humans, we are allowed to have certain amounts of movement in our spine and elasticity within our soft tissue structures.  As we continue to place abnormal demands on our joints, we cause our “normal” to become “abnormal” and this can lead to short or long term injuries.  Most overhead sports such as baseball, volleyball, swimming, and tennis are prone to similar injuries in the arm due to the biomechanical stress that the joints of the arm and spine absorb (there are other sports as well).

We weren’t designed to repeat these improper motions with force for many reps in a day/years without correcting them.

Baseball players are at the top for risk in shoulder and elbow injuries due to the excessive demands placed. Allowing a weighted object at the end of the chain (baseball) with improper bio-mechanics can be the perfect set-up for arm, back, and upper spinal injuries.  These are often overuse injuries and are earned over time with improper biomechanics.  They can also be a result from repeated pitching and throwing without time to recover at a cellular level (more on nutrition and inflammation in a future blog). An injury can sideline a player from a couple days to almost a couple weeks. In some extreme cases, a shoulder or elbow injury could result in a player never getting back to his/her prime.

At our Mississauga, ON sports rehab clinic, Apex Optimal Performance, we are able to assess your body from above down, inside out.  Our process is tailored to each individual and is very specific to their demands and body type.  For more information, please don’t hesitate to set up a complimentary consultation with one of our trusted health care providers.

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