Involves testing fundamental elements that are essential for optimal performance. This tool can also help identify if you may have an increased risk of injury during physical training or performance. After the assessment, a report is generated that will indicate how well your body is functioning. APEX will prescribe individualized recommendations that identify the areas you will need to focus on. This test is usually performed to obtain a benchmark and is used as a monitoring tool to track training progress for athletes pre-season, in-season, post-season.


During a work out or training, muscles actually break down, causing inflammation that shows up as aches and soreness a day or two after. Resting is important to allow the nervous system and muscles to recover before putting them through the training cycle again. APEX post-training/performance recovery (massage therapy & physiotherapy) effectively accelerates muscle recovery/growth while also decreasing inflammation induced by a strenuous workout. You will be less sore and heal faster, allowing you recover, train, and perform at optimal levels.


Whether you’re looking to improve cardiovascular health, reduce your bodyweight and muscle/fat composition, or gain functional strength, APEX’s metabolic conditioning program effectively addresses all these areas. This service is provided by licensed health professionals that are experts at movement and exercise prescription. Rather than follow a cookie cut approach, our practitioners ensure all metabolic conditioning programs are personalized and tailored specifically to your needs, including past injuries, pain, and medical conditions (diabetes, hypertension, etc).