Our Mission

APEX is an acclaimed health and sports performance clinic focused on optimizing the potential of the human body.


Sports & Rehabilitation

Function & Fitness

Health & Wellness

We’re NOT your typical health clinic. APEX health professionals provide progressive, hands-on therapies customized for each individual to help you feel better, function better, and be your very best.


Step 1: Evaluate

Gaining an awareness of your abilities, strengths, and deficiencies is essential to the process of understanding the functional state your body. It will act as the compass that will guide you to unlocking your body’s potential.

Step 2: Recalibrate

Resolving your body’s global problems, deficits, and/or dysfunctions is key to breaking past barriers limiting your ability to excel in your training and performance. The result is a healthy balanced body ready to be shaped.

Step 3: Optimize

Once your body is at it’s full capacity to effectively learn and adapt, you will advance to optimizing functional patterns, skills, and attributes that are focused on your particular sport.

Realize your body’s potential! If you’re looking to feel, function, and perform better than ever, we can help! Call 905.481.4972 or Get Started Here.